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Act on it

History doesn't have to repeat itself. Life is all about taking risks

Finish what you start

Don't start something you won't be able to finish.

Dream, believe and make it happen

Give yourself goals, even if they're just small ones.

Rabu, 15 Desember 2010


There are more cars on the roads these days and more accidents. As a result, some politicians have suggested that people should take regular driving tests throughout lives, rather than one single test. What do you think are the advantages of repeating driving tests? Do these outweigh the disadvantages ?

There is no doubt that a driving test plays an important role to minimalize accidents on the roads. Some people hold a position that one single test is needed. However, having periodic driving tests throughout lives is a must and stands very a different good way which I am in a total agreement of that statement indeed. This essay will sketch out why having periodic driving test is a necessity.
Driving tests and licenses tend to be a necessity supposed to be had by people who drive car or even motorcycle. To drive vehicles, everyone has to pass the driving test until they finally get the driving licenses. However, even people have got the driving licenses cannot avoid them from any accidents. As far as I’m concerned, bad driving which had by incompetent driver influences the high number of accidents. Due to the bad drivers, they cause many lethal accidents and huge traffic jam. According to the data took by the polices during 2010, there were a lot of victim died in Semarang. Those accidents will decrease if people have to take periodic driving tests during the whole lifetime. The driving tests are needed to evaluate each person’s physical and mental health. The physical health can be measured by the endurance and agility periodically while the mental illness cannot be had by each person whose ages meet the license’s criteria. The periodic times here mean approximately every three, five or ten years, depend on the regulation will be made by the government. And for the cost, people only have to pay 20 per cent of the first driving test fee.
Nevertheless, there is a little evidence to support the view that periodic driving tests can be brought into people’s lives. It will cost a lot of money than one single test because some people assume that periodic tests will not only waste your money but also times. But, it seems to me that one single driving test cannot evaluate physical and mental health periodically. Because in my opinion, even people have had driving license, they might get mental disorders or physical disturbances at any times.
In conclusion, taking driving tests frequently throughout lives can decrease the high number of accidents than one single test. When people assume that one single test only waste less money and fewer times, while in my point of view, periodic driving tests only have to be paid 20 per cent of the first payment and make you competent enough tested regularly. It will give some benefits to people because the physical and mental health can be measured to save not only you but people suffered from lethal accidents indirectly. In short, your driving capability will be improved more and shunned away from creating high accidents rates.


These days Internet-based courses have become a popular alternative to university-based courses. Some students prefer this type of learning because they do not need to attend the lecture. Others argue that it is important to study at the university. Discuss both these views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

There have been immense advances in technology especially in the field of education. On the subject of Internet-based courses have happened to be well-liked alternative than university-based courses nowadays, I personally believe that it is essential to study at the university. In this essay, I will outline how attending the lecture is needed.
For I tend to think that role of lecturer will fade away because internet help some students not to face the original classroom. The presence of a lecturer is necessary in order to make students more understand about some materials which is needed to be explained further. It is proven that students have different learning capability each other. Because they used to be given some exercises and have more chances to interact with the teacher, they will have less probability to be failed in a subject. By the presence at the university also means that students will have more times improving their social skills such as how to communicate with other people you barely know, how to give some respects to older or even younger people, how to work in a group of people having different mindset and so on.
However, some people find it hard to accept that students should be present at the classroom. They think that people have their own business that cannot be bothered. It cannot be disputable that people have their own right to choose whether they want to attend or not at the university. Some other said that studying at university will cost a lot money. For those who have to work surviving their needs will assume that Internet-based courses are more efficient in time and spend less money because you just have to pay the internet bill. But, as far as I’m concerned that people with lower intellectual capability will have many difficulties. If they cannot understand the materials they will have no one capable enough to explain more about the materials. And also they cannot gather with other people and have fewer social skills than students at the university.
In my summary, the presence of a teacher can help the students in learning process while Internet-based courses will give you few interactions with teachers and can grant you fail in the subjects. In short, the presence at the university will also give the students a bigger chance not to fail in a subject and give more intellectual capabilities and social skills.

Minggu, 28 November 2010


done !

Many childhood diseases can now be prevented through the use of vaccines. Should parents be made by law to immunize their children against common diseases or should individuals have the right to choose not to immunize their children?

There has always been arguable discussion about whether many upbringing diseases should be barred through the use of vaccines while in my point of view government can make the parents immunize their children to fight common disease by the regulation. For same points, there are several rationales supporting the idea.
The first point to make is that children health will be guaranteed by the government. The government will assure that every child over the country will get decent immunization as the first step of body endurance. This body endurance can be their self defense to fight the infectious and deadly diseases. Because of that, the health program is needed to reduce the diseases. By this commitment, the government surely give the socialization how important child’s immunization is and finally give the use of vaccines to fight against children infectious diseases.
The second point to make is that there are many parents have not really good cognizance monitoring their children especially people with low prosperity and education. Due to lack of money and low education, high mortality and disability rates happened. The parents mostly said that they prefer paying more attention how to survive with money to concerning how to fulfill their health lives, even not mostly people think like that as well. Thus, it can not be refuted because people with low prosperity are more money oriented than health oriented. By this regulation, government can force the parents to immunize the children even the parents do not want to. Not sooner have the parents been forced, than the health oriented will be had by them. Because of this condition, infectious and deadly diseases are less in children.
In my conclusion, the government can make the law to oblige the parents immunize their children. What if the government let the parents themselves to choose or not to immunize their children. For people with high prosperity and education, they can fulfill their children health properly by immunizing with their own private doctors and not go along with government’s programs. But how about people who have no idea how important health is? Which can be low educated or have low prosperity. In short, by this regulation, infectious and deadly diseases can be reduced. Sooner or later, people will concern more about health needs.

Minggu, 14 November 2010

Recount: A Day at the Bandengan Beach

Have you ever fallen from a banana boat in the middle of the sea that you have no idea how dept is that? If you haven’t, I have. I was on Bandengan Beach at that moment and guess what, I fell from the banana boat three times. Let me tell you how great the feeling was. It was a mixture of frightened, alarmed, excited and unpredictable moment that couldn’t forgetful.

On November 7, 2010 was Sunday. My family and I went to Bandengan with all of my neighborhood. We went to Jepara on 6.30 am with 2 buses. On the way to go there, we were really in a good mood to have a chit-chat, rambling, ranting and babbling aboat anything. This trip was made as a refreshing time to free for a moment from the busy routines happened through before. At Aboat 09.30, we arrived there. We were really excited then rushed out of the buses to step on the sand of the Bandangen Beach. It felt really good.

After having quality time to look around how beautiful Bandengan was finally we decided to surround the sea with a small ship contained of my family and neighborhood. The trip on the ship was very noisy but I knew everybody had really so much fun on it even with only 5 thousand Rupiah and aboat 20 minutes surround every part of Bandengan. And finally we reached the shore again, the teenagers including me decided to ride the banana boat. Not literally meant riding the banana boat but we just sat on the banana boat with life jacket something floating on the water and pulled by a speedboat rode by a person. At that moment, we were aboat 6 people and I was the oldest one but that didn’t meant I was not scared at all. I felt scared aboat what would happen in the middle of the sea but I shoved away all those bad thoughts and enjoyed my self on this vacation.

When we were ready, there were slightly worried faces read on our parents’ but we assured them that this was just a way to have fun and there would be nothing bad happened. I felt so much flabbergasted when suddenly our banana boat being pulled by the man rode the speedboat. I made sure that everybody was ready then tighten my grips on the rope. We were pulled and follow the direction of the speedboat passed. It was delightful to scream and laugh as loud as you could. But not sooner the speedboat made some sharp turns and we screamed heavenly. Then suddenly I, for my self, felt like there was something or someone yanked me off my grips on the rope and threw out me to the sea. I felt alarmed and really frightened because I could be apart from the others but I remembered I had my jacket life and the others threw out not as far so I thought. When the man rode speedboat helped us rise to the top we burst into laughter and yelled to the man to fasten the ride. The feeling was so freaking me out but indescribable at the same time. I remembered clearly that we fell from the boat 3 times but no one seemed scared enough to try riding the banana boat next time.

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Sometimes stereotype really got me sick !

i found this on

for anyone who is half-hearted being a nurse, i suggest u check this one out :

“It happened again: a raft of compliments from a patient and her husband, with the husband taking me aside and speaking seriously about what a pity and a waste it was that I didn't go to medical school. The implication is that I'm too smart, or too hard-working, or too marvelous overall to be a nurse; that I'd be doing the world more good as an MD.

My two main foci as a nurse are assessment and education. It's because I'm a nurse that my assessment skills are more detail- and change-oriented than those of my medical colleagues: after all, they're in surgery or clinic all day, while I'm dealing with the same people for twelve hours at a stretch. When something minor changes, the nurse is often the first to notice--or the only one to notice--not just because she's there, but because she knows the patients better.

I'm not a helpmate. I'm not a handmaiden. I'm certainly not a failed, frustrated doctor-wannabe. I'm a carefully-trained, careful-thinking, observant clinician with a wide range of disparate skills and some strange little tricks up her sleeve.”

Nurses offer patients something doctors can’t; a holistic treatment approach that includes extended direct care. Doctors diagnose; nurses heal. There’s nothing more worthy a person can do.